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Kellogg Dental is Evolving!

June 15th, 2016

Kellogg Dental is Evolving

Kellogg Dental is evolving to better serve our community. We have realized that we can only serve you better by providing the best environment and team. We are creating the most modern, efficient, comfortable, fun and personal Dental Care facility that we could think of!

As we make our facility a reality, join us.  We are doing this to guarantee the very “best care” possible of those who have honored us with the pleasure of serving them! Thank You!

This one’s for you! 60 years strong.

We are expanding, adding specialties, adding services and keeping our services in the top caliber anywhere for you!

  • Full Coffee/ beverage and snack cafe
  • Howell High school baseball VIP seating and viewing area
  • Children's animation/ play area and education center
  • All your dentistry done under one roof, all specialties!
  • Outdoor gardens highlighting Michigan native species with outdoor waiting space
  • Montana fireplace with an up north feel
  • Technology for 2020’s
  • National dental training and conference center to service and strengthen Dentistry. Facility to enhance the learning experience of Howell Schools, Livingston County Health Education programs, Colleges and Universities and internship programs
  • Wall of fame for Area “Caught you” hero’s
  • Outdoor pavilion and event space for use for our Free Dental Day, fundraisers, VIP events and community activities
  • Fundraising car wash space to promote and help our community
  • Michigan spotlight art gallery and local history features

Brighten Your Smile for Summer!

June 15th, 2016

Once the warm weather makes its way to Michigan, most of us can’t hide the happiness and relief we feel after seeing the dreary days of winter slip away. Now that the sun is shining more, so should your teeth! Summer is a great time to take stock of your oral health, so whether it’s been a while since your last cleaning, or you’re tired of feeling ashamed of your smile, our dedicated staff of experts at Kellogg Dental can help!

As adults, we might not have the same amount of free time as our children, but we certainly like to set aside a few long weekends or a week of vacation fun at some point during the summer. This means that we’re more likely to see family and friends that we don’t get to spend much time with during the rest of the year. What better way to surprise your friends and family than by showing up with a cleaner, brighter smile?

It’s no surprise that many people avoid going to the dentist out of fear that they’ll have to undergo a painful procedure. At Kellogg Dental, we go the extra mile to make you and your family feel comfortable, so whether your smile just needs a refresher, or now is the time to tackle some dental problems before they pose a serious threat to your oral health, this is the perfect time of year to restore your smile for the good times you’ll enjoy over the next few months.

At Kellogg Dental, we use our expertise to handle all of your family’s oral health needs. From simple cleanings to extensive cosmetic procedures, we’ll do all we can to give you a smile you can be proud of. Contact us today to schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

Why Is It So Important to Floss Regularly?

March 14th, 2016

Why Is It So Important to Floss Regularly?

Even though most people are told that regular flossing is a crucial aspect of maintaining oral health, many of us still neglect to do it. A recent survey showed that only about half of American adults floss regularly, and almost 20% of us never floss. If you’re someone who has a hard time remembering to floss, it’s helpful to know why it’s so important for you to complete this simple task on a regular basis.

In addition to reducing your risk for needing dental surgery, flossing cleans places your toothbrush cannot reach. Bacteria can easily build up between your teeth and cause serious damage, even though you may not feel it until it’s too late. Even the most thorough brushing cannot remove this harmful bacteria, so if you don’t floss regularly, the bacteria and plaque between your teeth will lead to gum disease and cause cavities. Additionally, it can also eat away at your tooth enamel. This is, perhaps, one of the most serious threats, as enamel cannot be replaced.

Regular flossing can also strengthen your gums. People often refrain from flossing because it makes their gums bleed, but this only happens when flossing isn’t a part of a daily routine. With consistent flossing and brushing, tender gums will strengthen and subsequent flossing will not cause bleeding or discomfort. When a person has strong gums, they are less likely to develop gum disease. While gum disease can be detrimental to oral health, surprisingly, it can also increase the risk of heart disease. By committing yourself to flossing, you may not just strengthen your gums, but you may also improve your overall health as well.

Even if you’re not a regular flosser, it’s not too late to start. At Kellogg Dental, we want to help you maintain the highest level of oral health, so no matter what your dental needs are, we can help! Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

When Are Dental Implants Needed?

February 15th, 2016

Dental Implants

Whether you’re a business professional, a social butterfly, or just trying to enjoy time with friends and family, nothing is more valuable than having a great smile. Smiling has been shown to improve your mental and physical health, your business prospects, and your overall self-confidence and self-esteem. Yet, for those of us who have lost teeth, whether through injury, decay, or just long-term wear and tear, it can be difficult to smile without feeling ashamed and self-conscious. If you don’t have the kind of smile that you feel you can be proud of, then it may be time to consider getting dental implants to improve your pearly whites.

Injury Recovery

When you’ve suffered an injury to your teeth due to a fall, a car accident, or some other event, it can be difficult to regain your old smile. Your teeth may have ended up being irreparably damaged, and you might not be able to fix them by simply capping them. In this case, it might be best to consider getting affordable dentistry work done by getting some implants. Dental implants are extremely strong, durable, and long-lasting, and will be durable enough to withstand all that life has to throw at you.

When Dentures Aren’t Enough

Dentures aren’t always ideal for every person. They have to be cleaned and cared for, and they can be lost or damaged over time. If they loosen while you’re out at a social function, it can lead to some embarrassing incidents. Dental implants are permanently installed in your jawbone, ensuring that you won’t have the same problems you would have with an unruly set of dentures.

If you’ve got missing teeth, don’t hide your smile away. Contact the experts at Kellogg Dental, and we’ll help you rebuild your smile into something you can be proud of. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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